Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)  Sarah Scout Presents
Amikejo Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)  Sarah Scout Presents
Amikejo Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)  Sarah Scout Presents

THE TABLE OF MORESNET in a Caves Off site exhibition at Substation, Newport, Australia, 2017. Curated by Kez Hughes and Storm Gold.

The Table of Moresnet ZILVERSTER  Sharon Goodwin & Irene HanenberghPhoto: Taryn EllisSubstation Caves Offsite Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh) , Janet Beckhouse Neon Parc
Photo to the right: from Misshaped Head, Neon Parc, Janet Beckhouse

“The Table of Moresnet (2016) is named for a small slice of European history - and failed utopia - the land of Neutral Moresnet. Until WWI, the tiny country existed, tucked away in the hills between The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The small neutral country had been under threat among major European powers until a group of residents came up with an ambitious counteroffensive: they formed Neutral Moresnet into the first Esperanto state and named it Amikejo ('city of friendship'). A self-declared neutral state, Moresnet/Amikejo was a place where refugees were welcomed and where conscription was abolished. It also had exceptionally low taxes. However, on June 28, 1919, the Treaty of Versailles settled the dispute that had created the neutral territory a century earlier by awarding Neutral Moresnet, along with Prussian Moresnet and the German municipalities of Eupen and Malmedy, to Belgium, thus permanently ending its status. Today, a small museum (Göhltal Museum) is all that is left of this unique episode in European history, as well as 50 of the 60 border markers that mark the former borders. The Table of Moresnet serves as a memorial for this utopian idea, as well as a diary of its own making. In addition to particular historical moments and excerpts of Esperanto text, the table comprises snippets of conversation between the artists, a record of visitors to the studio and numerous pop-cultural references. As a functional object, it both highlights and repurposes its own historical context and as a conceptual art work, it brings the past and present into focus, as well as playfully disturbing the traditional distinctions between high and low art forms.
This remarkable new work by Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh) extends the duo's collaborative drawing practice into the spatial/sculptural realm. The Table of Moresnet sees also a decisive shift in the evolution of the practice; the artists have made the work together, sitting side-by-side over a period of eight months, with the shared experiences and conversations informing the direction of the work.”

Esperanto Amikejo Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)

Amikejo Moneroj, Amikejo Akvofaloj & Amikejo Manuskripto, 3 ink drawings in custom engraved wooden frames, as part of The Table of Moresnet, 2016. Spring 1883 The Windsor Hotel Melbourne, for Sarah Scout Presents.

Zilverster is an ongoing collaborative project between Sharon Goodwin and Irene Hanenbergh, Melbourne-based artists who have garnered strong individual reputations for their imaginative, elaborate and meticulously rendered expanded drawing and painting practices. What began in 2010 as a problem solving exercise - with one artist offering problematic, unfinished works to the other for advice on resolution - has evolved into a rich shared practice that continues to extend the discursive as well as process potentialities of each artist. While there are many shared interests and concerns between the two artists - (art) history, fantasy, cult iconography, alchemy, supernatural phenomena to name a few - each operates from a distinct temporal and imaginative framework: Goodwin's contributions are embedded in a medieval, Gothic context while Hanenbergh's derive from a European Romantic sensibility. Zilverster's practice continues to develop out from an original series of beautiful, fantastical drawings that remain compelling in their strangeness. In addition to Zilverster's maiden-exhibition at Sarah Scout Presents (2015), the collaborative duo was also included in the National Gallery of Victoria's 'Lurid Beauty' exhibition. In conjunction with this large scale exhibition, Zilverster facilitated a collaborative drawing workshop and a Surrealist drawing Parlour night, as well as a dedicated workshop for Secondary school students in 2015 and 2016. Zilverster also exhibited at the Spring Art fair in Sydney in 2015 and presented an ambitious and larger scale sculptural project at the Spring Art fair August 2016 at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne (The Moresnet Table and Drawings). Zilverster was shortlisted for the 2016 National Works on Paper Prize held at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery and was also featured in an important group show titled 'I'm Genuinely Lost. Give me guidance', at the Margret Lawrence Gallery (VCA).

Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh) is represented by Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne.

Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)  Sarah Scout Presents


completed a BFA (Painting) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 1997, and has shown extensively both throughout Australia and internationally. Solo exhibitions include those at Uplands, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space and TCB Gallery. She has participated in group exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, RMIT Gallery, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Monash University Museum of Art, Bendigo Art Gallery, Plimsoll Gallery (Hobart) University of Sydney Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), GrantPirrie Gallery (Sydney), University of Queensland Art Museum (Brisbane) Gallery Side 2, (Japan) Artspace (Sydney) and The Physics Room (New Zealand). Goodwin was a founding committee member of both TCB Gallery and the collaborative art group DAMP. Her work is held in the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Monash University and numerous private collections.


completed a Master of Fine Arts by Research at the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) in 2010. She also holds a BFA (Hons) in Painting and Sculpture from The Academy of Fine Arts Minerva (1988, The Netherlands), a BFA (Hons) in Printmaking from The Athens School of Fine Arts (1995, Greece) and completed a Post Graduate Program at The Royal College of Art (in 1992, London, UK). Intermittently, over the last 25 years, she has spent considerable time on artist residencies and undertaking exhibitions, in various locations across Europe, Asia and the USA. Her work is held in public and private collections in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the USA including the National Gallery of Victoria, University of Queensland Museum, MONA (Tasmania), Artbank Australia, ABSOLUT European Collection (Sweden), Centre for Contemporary Art, Collection ASKT (Greece) and Rabobank (The Netherlands). Hanenbergh was twice named as one of ‘Australia’s 50 Most Collectible Artists’ by Australian Art Collector and is represented by Neon Parc (Melbourne).

Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)  Sarah Scout Presents
Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)  Sarah Scout Presents
Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh)  Sarah Scout Presents

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Zilverster is represented by Sarah Scout Presents http://www.sarahscoutpresents.com/web/zilverster/

Catalogue Maiden exhibition Zilverster at Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne

The Table of Moresnet, 2016, The Windsor Hotel Melbourne, for Spring 1883, Sarah Scout Presents







Sharon Goodwin & Irene Hanenbergh

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