I offer a broad range of professional services that reflect my wide skill set, experience and interests and invite you to get in contact to discuss your needs or ideas.

Over the past twenty years I am proud to have worked with some of the most exciting and important living artists from Australia and around the world, and together creating ambitious new artworks and events.

I am a generator of experiences that have great impact. Working with Government, Commercial Partners and Cultural Institutions, I have curated and commissioned meaningful and high profile artworks and cultural events that have become among the most celebrated in the country and have had international resonance.

I am also proud of my track record of not only conceiving innovative programs, but successfully delivering them in all of their complexity. I am a strategic thinker, clear communicator and a practical and efficient project manager.

Public Art Curating/Commissioning

This portfolio of urban and urban-scale art commissioning is evidence of a well honed skill, realising projects in complex contexts with multiple civic stakeholders.

Creating works that are exciting, nuanced and appropriate, in a considered, efficient and transparent way, is an experience I invite you to share.

Cultural Strategy & Contemporary Heritage Interpretation

In a world where the “activation” of space is ubiquitous and fleeting, I like to situate placemaking in historical significance and story-telling. Too often opportunities to harness the resonance of our past missed by approaching heritage requirements in dated, static ways.

Let’s make something meaningful that not only grabs attention but stays with people forever.

Contemporary Art Advisory

During my time at the National Gallery of Victoria, I oversaw a more than doubling of the size of the contemporary art collection, in what became arguably the most ambitious and discussed program of art collecting in the region.

Much copied by private and institutional collections alike, my artist selection is underpinned by wide ranging research and deep engagement with practitioners internationally and in Australia, of Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds.

I can help you get ahead of the crowd and see through the hype.

Cultural Infrastructure Consulting

Behind the scenes I have contributed for a decade to strategic decision making and design of cultural infrastructure. I have had a leading role in the design or redesign of many spaces, from grass-roots to institutional.

I spent five years, for instance, in a very small team developing the concept, programming model and Functional Design Brief that will be realised as The Fox: NGV Contemporary. When completed, it will be among the largest contemporary art museums in the world.

If you are working, or planning to work, on the design of museums, galleries, studio complexes or mixed-art centres I applaud you and suspect we have much to discuss.

Art and Design Logistics

Twenty years experience at the highest levels of contemporary art curating and collecting – not to mention state festival, gallery and museum programming – has exposed me to many brilliant and trustworthy individuals with the skills to assist you.

Whether it is the movement and installation of artworks, production management, fabrication or conservation, I can assist or know someone who can.

Examples of commissioned projects below.