Co-curated (with Brett Sheehy, Hannah Fox & Tom Supple) an evening of experimental and collaborative performance featuring Melbourne Town Hall’s iconic pipe organ as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival 2009.

Sacred Selections and Shall We?

Part I
Matt Stokes –
Sacred Selections
With Ollie McGill & Rowan Vince

From Aussie gems to Black Metal anthems, keys aficionados Ollie McGill from The Cat Empire and Melbourne-based musician Rowan Vince, treat the organ to a surprising repertoire of contemporary music.

Presented in two parts, Matt Stokes’ Sacred Selections opens with Rowan Vince performing reinterpretations of tracks from undergroundmusic genres such as Northern Soul, Happy Hardcore and Black Metal. This is followed by a selection of left-field Australian music performed by Ollie McGill.

British contemporary artist Matt Stokes first presented Sacred Selections, a series of pipe organ recitals featuring experimental transcriptions of underground music, in the UK in 2005. The pipe organ may seem an unusual instrument for the performances of such music, but it is an instrument that has always played an important role in rituals of worship.

Stokes brings together groups of dedicated followers and fans from both ends of the music spectrum through this celebration of the ‘king of instruments’ and pieces he presents.

Yvonne Baker “You Didn’t Say a Word”
Sam Fletcher “I’d Think It Over Twice”
Dean Parrish “I’m On My Way”
Bang “Shooting Star”
Hopscotch “Midnight Express”
Sy & Demo “Stay With Me”
Cradle of Filth “Dusk And Her Embrace”
Jonathan Cain “Working Class Man”
Chris Thompson, Andy Qunta & Maggie Ryder
“You’re The Voice”
Steve Kilbey, Karin Jansson
“Under The Milky Way”

Part II
Cameron Carpenter & Bishi –
Shall We?

The world’s most sensational singer/sitar player meets the world’s most original organist!

This unique performance sees two of the world’s most original young talents come together in musical harmony and mutual respect. Grammy award nominee Cameron Carpenter and UK musician and DJ Bishi perform a truly diverse repertoire ranging from work on their own albums through to pieces from ancient Sanskrit, from Chopin to Disney.

This exceptional convergence of talents came about when Bishi asked Carpenter to work with her on her 2008 release Albion Voice. The resulting music was so extraordinary that the pair decided to take to the stage for a single show in London.

Now, for Melbourne audiences, Bishi and Carpenter team up once again, for one night only. Organ, sitar and voice combine in wonderful resonance, reflecting the instruments’ exotic personalities and the performers’ enthusiastic approach.