RMIT Design Hub is hosting SITUATION from 23 July to 3 August 2014, an exhibition and platform for the 7th IDEA international symposium on Interior Design.

SITUATION brings attention to the designing of interiors as a practice engaged in spatial and temporal production; a practice that works in the midst of social, cultural, historical, political forces; a practice open to contingency, chance and change; a practice engaged with singularity and specificity. SITUATION highlights ideas of event and the eventful nature of interiors, lived space-time compositions in constant change; atmospheric compositions as distinct from artifacts; ephemerality; uniqueness; one-offs; a multiplicity of experience

An exhibition of situations.
Situations as creative works as research.
Exhibiting a collection of past situations.
Exhibiting as a process of publication, of re-presentation.
An open call to see what emerges, what can be said and seen.
Exhibition as meta-situation.

I have been on the Exhibition Curatorium for the exhibition alongside Suzie Attiwill (associate professor, RMIT Interior Design), Kate Rhodes (Curator of Design, RMIT Design Hub), and Sven Mehzoud (program director, Interior Architecture, Monash University).